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New ways of fine-tuning.The Mobile Bass Trap  is the perfect accessory to tame your listening room &  home theater's low-end without the need for screwing or glueing anything to its surfaces. This is a versatile freestanding solution for home and professional studios that is available with in both 2 or 3 stacked units of Bass Trap the latest development in low frequency absorption.  

MBT Graph.jpg

The innovative design of our mobile unit open for rear panels’ air cavities provides maximum absorption surface and extra absorption coefficient efficiency, smoothing the absorption frequency spectrum. 

While the panel itself is only 50mm thick, the absorption's extended recesses are designed to be effective at 400Hz to 5000Hz, with a linear diffusion pattern upwards - giving the White Knight MBT  an unheard of absorption capacity for its size. The asymmetrical deep wells are arranged in an optimized order to prevent losing when used in larger arrays. 


- Enlarging sweet spot

- Specular reflection control

- Flutter echo control


Absorption range:
315 Hz to 5000 Hz


Acoustic Absorber

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture Grade



- Natural Pinewood 

-Polyethylene Composite Materials

- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

Recommended for

- Control room

- Recording room

- Home studio

- Broadcast studio

- Drum room

Dimensions | 600x1800x50mm

Integrated fixing system | panel can be rotated 90º to any orientation.

White Knight (MBT) is available in a selection of quality lacquered and natural wood finishes.
Designed to be used with other Acoustic Designs products, with exactly the same thickness once installed. Phoenix is hung on permanent magnet and can be installed on any surface, in any orientation.


Available Finishes:
Vivid Red.jpg

Vivid Red

Pine Wood.jpg

Arista Pinewood

Rose Gold.jpg

Rose Gold

Milky White.jpg

Milky White

Metallic Black.jpg

Black Metallic

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