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Elsa: Absorber Panels

Elsa has the best absorption rate of any hardwood absorber on the market, and a unique acoustic composite is available as an option (various colors to choose)
This is a genuine powerhouse of a panel, that modulates and distributes incoming sound waves to help generate a flawlessly balanced sound field, employing a slatted QRD sequence over a high-performance and non-irritant, odorless, and does not encourage bacterial growth acoustic core material.

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The absorption rate of Elsa absorption panels is the greatest of any wood absorber on the market.
This panel is a genuine powerhouse that regulates and distributes incoming sound waves to create a flawlessly balanced sound field, thanks to its slat construction over a high-performance acoustic core.
Elsa Absorber is a classic acoustic panel with a natural feel, made from a variety of wood and acoustic composite materials.



Absorption Range:
315 Hz to 5000 Hz



- Enlarging sweet spot

- Specular reflection control

- Flutter echo control


Acoustic Absorber

Absorption range:
400 Hz to 5000 Hz

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture Grade


- Natural Pinewood, Acoustic composite materials 

- Polyethylene Terephthalate Materials

- Calibrated open cell acoustic foam

Recommended for:

- Hi-Fi Listening Room

- Media Room

- Home Cinema

- Living Room

Dimensions | 600x600x (25 & 50) mm

Materials Properties:

- The same fiber as medical materials, it is very safe and non-irritate to skin.

- Thermal bonding process without chemical.

- Low VOCs.

- Free from the restriction of Hazadous  Substances.



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Available Finishes:

Arista Pinewood

Vivid Red.png

Vivid Red

Rose Gold.png

Rose Gold

Milky white.png

Milky White

Black Metallic.png

Black Metallic

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