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EP3: Music room & Home theater room.

What is RT-60 and how is it important to design a Music room & Home theater room? A: RT-60 is a measure of the reverb time of the residual sound once the source of the sound has stopped. It is a measure of the time it takes for the sound to bounce back with a 60dB drop in sound level when the source stops. These numbers can indicate the personality of the place or room in which we are measuring. Whether that room has a Dead sound or Live sound. Both of which depend on the design of the room that is different. PS: Article content will be gradually added according to each topic.


We sincerely hope that the following articles will be useful to the general public and used for maximum benefit.

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Yuthana Kaklong
THX&HAA Certified Level III, Room Acoustic Designs (SoundLab)

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