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Insulation Core

Our acoustic insulation is the most advanced and cutting-edge polyolefin foam thermal insulation on the market. The big chemical group corporation devised and commercialized unique physically crosslinked open-cell polyolefin foam technology for acoustic insulation. Globally acknowledged as the global leader in polyolefin insulation, laminated with reinforced and adhesive backing.

Acoustic insulation provides good acoustic absorption, very low heat conductivity, and low water vapor permeance at a minimal thickness, which overcomes tight clearance concerns.

Health, safety, and the environment are all important factors to consider.

- Completely user-friendly, emitting no fibers or dust while in use.

- Non-irritant, odorless, and bacterial growth inhibited.

- Antimicrobial and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) for better indoor air quality.

- Green Star compliance, with a zero global warming potential (GWP) and no ozone-depleting chemicals like CFCs or HCFCs.

- Produced in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


Arista Pinewood


Pine trees are evergreen, resinous coniferous trees (or, occasionally, shrubs) that grow to a height of 3–80 m (10–260 ft), with the majority of species reaching 15–45 m (50–150 ft). [4] The smallest are Siberian dwarf pine and Potosi pinyon, while the highest is a ponderosa pine that is 81.79 meters (268.35 feet) tall in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon. [5]

Pines are long-lived trees that can survive for 100–1,000 years, or even longer. Pinus longaeva, the Great Basin bristlecone pine, has the greatest life span. At roughly 4,600 years old, one member of this species, called "Methuselah," is one of the world's oldest living animals. This tree may be found in California's the White Mountains. [6] An earlier tree, which has since been chopped down, was estimated to be 4,900 years old. [7] [8] It was discovered in a forest behind Wheeler Peak and given the name "Prometheus" in honor of the Greek god.

LamiGlass® Acoustic

LamiGlass® Acoustic glass offers incredible sound insulation. Helping to reduce noise and create a more peaceful ambiance – all of which is important for well-being. It could be traffic, neighbors, construction, or airports, LamiGlass® Acoustic glass offers protection against noise at all frequencies due to a special sound-absorbing interlayer.

In addition to its acoustic performance,  LamiGlass® Acoustic offers the further benefits of laminated glass. Including enhanced security and UV protection.

Lamiglass acoustic.jpeg

Acoustic Composite

Aluminium composite.jpeg

The composite panel is made up of two aluminum sheets and an inner mineral-charge-holding thermoplastic base core. It's made for ventilated facades in new construction, as well as maintenance and rehabilitation. An exterior sheet of 5005 aluminum alloy and an inner sheet of 3105 make up the production standard.

It is classed as A2-s1, d0 and B-s1, d0, based on the mineral load of its core. It can be incombustible or fireproof and is classified as A2-s1, d0 and B-s1, d0, according to UNE 13501-1:2007.

A continuous lamination method is used to construct the composite panel, in which a sheet of the material that will make up the core is extruded and compressed between two unwinding aluminum sheets. Finally, the material's flatness is crushed and improved, followed by the application of a protective layer.

Fixing Systems

An unique solution for our acoustic panel is a high-strength permanent magnet. It's simple to set up and align. Simply adhere the clip fixture to your surface, then to the corners of your panel, as shown in our design. Once attached, it's simple to adjust and clip in and out. It's never been easier to switch up the look of your panels. Magnet rings also create an air chamber behind your panels, which improves their effectiveness.


Floating Floor Underlay


-Material Physically (irradiation) crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam with factory applied reinforced reflective aluminium foil facing on both sides

-Passes Fire Test BS476 Parts 6 & 7 : Class 0
-Resistance to Elevated Temperature & Humidity: COMPLIES (ASTM C1224)
-R-Value : 1.10 (m2 . ̊K/W)
-Water Vapour Permeability: 3.2 x 10-15 kg/Pa.s.m (ASTM E96)
-Thermal performance remains relatively unchanged over a 10 year period
-Thermal calculation certificates for unique applications

-35% of manufacturing cost is purely additives designed to give the product longevity and fire compliance



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