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Lagoon: Diffuser Panels

A bidirectional QRD pattern generates the Lagoon Diffuser, which uniformly scatters incoming waves on either axis. Lagoon's great depth allows it to operate well throughout a broad frequency range, particularly at low frequencies. The scattering frequency range begins at 350 Hz and ends at 4000 Hz. Lagoon is a high-end, high-performance Hi-Fi and home theater system that comes in a range of woods and finishes. Lagoon is readily installed and is held in place by four magnets.

Diffusion is an important part of any well-balanced acoustic system.

The lagoon diffuser was created utilizing a variety of diffusion techniques. It is made up of asymmetrical multi-depth wells that employ a folded-depth approach to increase the panel's mid-low diffusion range, which was influenced by classic numeric sequence diffusers.

The enlarged wells on the diffuser are meant to be effective between 160 Hz and 400 Hz, with a linear diffusion pattern from 700Hz onwards, giving the Aries diffuser an unheard-of diffusion capability for its size. When used in larger arrays, the asymmetric wells are arranged in an optimized sequence to prevent lobing – this, combined with the extended low-range diffusion, allows Lagoon to go lower and outperform any other diffuser in its class – a truly unique approach to diffusion techniques and a clear improvement over the traditional QRD design.


- Improving low-frequency response

- Flutter echo control

- Specular reflection control

- Enlarging sweet spot


Recommended for:

- Hi-Fi Listening Room

- Media Room

- Home Cinema


2D - QRD Diffuser

Scattering range:
630 Hz to 5000 Hz


- Natural Pinewood 

- Polyethylene Composite Materials

- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

600x600x50mm Dimensions

The panel may be turned 90 degrees in either direction thanks to the integrated fastening mechanism.

The lagoon diffuser is available in a variety of finishes, including lacquered and raw wood.
Designed to work in conjunction with other Acoustic Designs products and to have the same thickness once fitted. The Lagoon diffuser is screw-mounted and may be placed in any orientation on any surface.

What is the purpose of diffusion?
Diffuser panels distribute incoming sound waves across a vast area, breaking them down into smaller, lower-energy waves. The sound field distribution is homogenous, and the acoustic response is full and balanced as a result of the scattered reflections. Speech clarity, music quality, and a more consistent, bigger sweet spot are all improved as a result.

Available Finishes:

Arista Pinewood

Vivid Red.jpeg

Vivid Red

Rose Gold.jpeg

Rose Gold

Milky White.jpeg

Milky White

Black Metallic.jpeg

Black Metallic

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