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Acoustic art: (absorber panels)


Acoustic art is our new acoustic panels that mix functioning and decoration designs. 

  • Acoustic Panels with art. Highly effective at reducing reverb and echo. 

  • Made of the best acoustic materials to provide excellent sound absorption. 

  • CLASS A fire rating. An excellent option for studios, offices, auditoriums, or any room.

  • 100% crafted by high precision machine and independently tested and certified. 

  • Razor-sharp lazer cut .

Acoustic art panels has been designed using a variety of absorption techniques - inspired by traditional numerical sequence precision lazer cut, it consists of asymmetrical multiple recessed cuts where certain wells use a folded depth technique to enhance the mid-low to deep diffusion region of the panel.

While the panel itself is only 25mm thick, the diffuser's extended recesses are designed to be effective at 160Hz and 8000Hz. The asymmetrical lazer cut are arranged in an optimised order to prevent lobing when used in larger arrays. Combined with the extended diffusion in the low-frequency range. .


- Enlarging sweet spot

- Specular reflection control

- Flutter echo control



Absorption range:
400 Hz to 5000 Hz


- First reflection control

- RT reduction

- Extended mid-low frequency absorption

- Reducing excessive reverberation

Recommended for:

-Living room
- Control room

- Recording room

- Home studio

- Broadcast studio

- Drum room

Dimensions | 1200x1200x25mm

Integrated fixing system | panel can be rotated 90º to any orientation.

Acoustic art is available in a selection of quality material, colors and natural wood finishes.
Designed to be used with other Acoustic designs products, with exactly the same thickness once installed. Acoustic art is hung on screws, and can be installed on any surface, in any orientation.

Available Finishes:
Pine Wood.jpg

Arista Pinewood

Vivid Red.jpg

Vivid Red

Rose Gold.jpg

Rose Gold

Milky White.jpg

Milky White

Metallic Black.jpg

Black Metallic

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