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Consultancy Service

With decades of practical experience and knowledge base supported by the world's leading standard institutes certified the criteria of THX&HAA level III  (highest) including Room Acoustic Designs from Sound Lab. Gold-Line (USA).  We are confident that we can design and install a room to the highest standards to get a World Class quality Cinema Room

Scope of works:

• Calculate design dimensions. and correct room proportions (width, length, height) with evenly distributed Room Mode values ​​(Minimize peak & dip of low frequency)
• Acoustic design in the room to get the correct RT60 value for Home Theater
• Show the Room mode graph that is smooth and various frequency ranges (very important in the correct and      standardized Home Theater room design)
• Recommend and design the sound insulation of the room in order to get the appropriate NC (Noise Criteria) value
• Recommend, examine the various acoustics materials to be used to ensure the correct performance of the design
• Design sizes, volumes, and mounting points of various acoustic panels in a 3D layout
• Determine the position, angle of installation of all speakers in the system according to Dolby Atmos standards
• Determine the speaker location L, C, R and the appropriate height in relation to the type and size of the screen
• Design and installation of Baffle Wall according to THX Standard

• Introducing the Double Door design for the most effective noise protection

• Recommend type, suitable size of the sound system (AV System) in the room

• Floating Floor system design for control. Low-frequency issues and good bass quality

• Documents are presented in a 3D format and layout drawing for easy navigation. to assemble the installation work

• Measure and deliver Parameter values ​​(RTA, RT60, NC..) after the installation of various equipment is complete


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